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Learn Well has child development is the heart of everything that they do. Each and every product is thoughtfully created to provide a broad range of sensory learning experiences. Research has shown that sensory play builds nerve connections in the brain's pathways, so when developing a product Learn Well consider sight, sound, smell and touch.

It's only a small team, at Learn Well, consisting of Sue, Mick, Tim and Cath. Trust us - they are hugely enthusiastic and have a wealth of experience and knowledge.

All Learn Well products are made in Europe and printed products are made locally, close to the Head Office in Rutland - they try to be kind to the planet.

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Learn Well Toys UK

Introducing our wide range of resources from Learn Well Education. Each item has been carefully selected for learning potential and longevity of use. We are confident, at Wood Bee Nice, that you will appreciate the quality and open-ended nature of these items which have all been designed to allow children to explore at their own pace and have lots of fun learning through play.

Learning Mathematical Language

Being able to visualise number learning at a young age can be done using the best selling Early Mastery Wooden Number Trays. The trays allow for the use of objects to be placed in the trays which match the numerical value on the tray. Children will love collecting different items to fill the trays enabling a strong sense of number recognition, counting, number bonds and mathmatical language. You can also extend this learning with the Early Mastery Wooden Number Trays 10-20 and the Early Mastery Wooden Number Tray Operations.

Learn Well have created lots of different chalk boards which are ideal for use inside and out. The Numbers Chalkboards have been designed to encourage big movements as children trace the digits with their fingers or chalk. The colourful number boards allow for familiarity and an understanding of how each number is formed.

When the time comes to start breaking down numbers the Part, Part, Whole Tray is ideal. Beautifully hand-crafted from beech wood they trays are designed using the ‘Cherry model’ showing how a whole can be split into 2 parts. Crafted to place real objects into the sections with them rolling away such as conkers, marbles or favourite small toys. The trays support the concept of portioning and a solid understanding of the relationship between addition and subtraction.

Supporting Children’s Emotional Wellbeing

Here at Wood Bee Nice we understand the importance of children being able to understand and define their emotions in order to be able talk about them and discover the impact they have on themselves and others. Learn Well have developed an extensive range of resources to support this learning. A firm favourite are the Bag of Buddies – a set of 4 washable characters that are small enough to sit in the palm of little hands which accompany practitioner rotes to provide guidance and support to get the most from them. You can complete the collection of Buddies with Bag of Buddies – Set 2.

Also available in the Buddies range is the Buddies Chalk Board an open-ended resource allowing questions to be asked, such as ‘How are your feeling today’ and children can identify the buddie that best describes this. You could also try the Buddies Stamps for children ages 3 years and over to craft with and further explore emotional development and learning.

Best Selling Learn Well Toys

  • Alphabet Rhyme Time Complete Collection – From rhymes and actions to small and big world play, each letter of the alphabet has a nursery rhyme or song and a treasure trove of ideas for making a myriad of memorable moments. The complete package includes the wonderfully illustrated Alphabet Rhyme Time Book, Alphabet Rhyme Time Picture Cards along with both sets of Wooden Characters Set 1 and Set 2.
  • Shape Drive Arounds – Set of 4 – A set of 4 differently shaped, beautifully hand-made, drive around boards perfect for all small world play environments allowing children’s imaginations to soar as they create little worlds of their own. The shapes give the perfect opportunity to introduce and encourage the use of early mathematical language; shape, square, circle, triangle and rectangle.
  • Little Looking Shapes – There are 3 different sets of Little Looking Shapes available. Versatile wooden viewing panels that give children a fresh view of the world. The opportunities for learning through play are endless as they can also be used to fit the pieces, draw around them, fill them with sand, beads, buttons or squish them into play dough. Each set has 4 different shapes included.


Where are Learn Well Toys Made?

Learn Well wooden resources are made in Europe and all of the printed products are made locally, close to their head office in Rutland.

Why choose Learn Well toys for children?

Each product has been thoughtfully created to give young children and older ones with special needs a broad range of sensory learning experiences. Following from research it has been found that sensory play builds nerve connections in the brain’s pathways; so to develop each product they consider sight, sound, smell and touch.

Where can I use Learn Well Chalkboards?

The chalkboards have been designed for use inside and outside. They are made from hard-wearing, weather resistant material and are lightweight for easy handling.