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Dolls Houses & Accessories

Wooden Dolls Houses are a timeless, traditional toy that have been around since the beginning of the 16th century, they were built by the wealthy to replicate their own homes. Dolls houses of this period showed idealised interiors and were solely intended for adults. It wasn’t until the 18th century they were adopted as a children’s toy.

Today, dolls houses are designed to set imaginations going and through imaginary play intellectual, social and emotional skills will develop. Imaginary play can also help our little ones to acquire confidence and a sense of self, which is a key component to learning. It lets play be free to investigate possibilities and learn about the world around them.

Our Dolls Houses are all made from sustainable wooden resources and have been selected to suit any budget. You can also choose from our packages or select individual pieces and continue to add to the collection over time.
Nowadays, it isn’t just the houses and interiors that are available. We also have outdoor areas and pet homes, along with dolls and even houses built for animal characters!

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Traditional Wooden Dolls Houses for Children

Encourage little ones to engage in imaginative play with our sweet collection of wooden dolls houses. Unleash their creative side with captivating and traditional toys made from quality, sustainable wood. Here you’ll find large wooden dolls houses, toy cottages and miniature furniture sets for decoration. 

Dolls Houses have been a staple for children throughout the centuries. Even today, these small playhouses allow little ones to role play and develop social skills.

Most doll houses are made of non-recyclable plastic, which is why we like to keep it traditional – and sustainable. Wood Bee Nice select the best dolls houses for sale in the UK.

Each one is made of eco-friendly wood materials with adorable, modern designs while still encompassing all the charm of a 16th-century dolls house.

Our dreamy doll houses are the perfect nostalgic gift for boys and girls to keep for generations to come. So, invest in your children’s creativity and development with our range of classic dolls houses today.

Dolls House Furniture & Accessories

Some of our wooden doll houses are unfurnished, so little ones have the fun task of decorating themselves.

If you want to enhance your doll’s living room with the cutest finishing touches, we have a range of wooden furniture sets perfect for pretend play.

So, shop our deluxe accessories and give your doll family somewhere delightful to call home.

Best Sellers

  • Cherry Tree Hall – The grandest dollhouse in our collection. This magnificent wooden dollhouse with 4-storeys and inclusive design will be on every child’s playtime wishlist.
  • Bay Tree House Dolls House – This charming wooden cottage is painted to perfection with a fresh, pastel colour pallet and decked out with furniture for hours of make-believe fun.
  • Flower Cottage – One of our prettiest painted wooden dolls houses featuring green plants and a modern back panel is a stunning addition to any bedroom.


What wood is used for wooden dolls houses?

Our high-quality dolls houses and dolls house accessories are made of eco-friendly MDF and rubberwood.

Why are wooden toys better for children?

Wooden toys are super durable and cost-effective. They don’t break as easily as plastic toys, so there’s no need to replace or repair them as often. As a material, wood is much better for our environment due to being 100% recyclable and biodegradable. Also, wooden toys will expand childrens’ imaginations more than regular plastic toys.

Are your wooden dolls houses painted?

Yes, our doll houses and wooden dolls house furniture are fully painted in modern, stylish colours suitable for gender-neutral play. 

What age is appropriate for a dolls house?

Typically, dolls houses are suitable for children aged two years old and above. This is the stage in a child’s development where they can easily engage with play toys and small world play. 

Why choose Wood Bee Nice to buy a dolls house?

Our customers can enjoy beautiful dolls houses made of high-quality wood from a brand they can trust. We carefully select our activity tables to ensure products stand the test of time and are cherished for years to come. In addition, Wood Bee Nice supports the development of children while protecting the environment from non-recyclable toys. Check out our full range and see what’s new in-store today for a life of fun and sustainability. Next day delivery is available on all products.