TickiT educational products are designed, developed, sourced and endorsed to support the curiosity approach and to encourage learning through play.

The focus has always been to provide products that fire the imagination to inspire learning and make teaching more enjoyable, and as such TickiT resources have been widely used in schools and nurseries.

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Introducing our Collection of TickiT Sensory Toys UK

Beautiful, soothing and stimulating, TickiT has created the perfect sensory toys for children. And Wood Bee Nice has made it super easy for you to access the best TickiT toys for babies, toddlers and children.

Open-ended learning is an excellent form of play. TickiT toys have mastered the art of Montessori-style play with their collection of sensory toys, including Easy Hold Concave Mirror, Natural Architect Arch Panels and Rainbow Wooden Eggs.

Make playtime exciting with beautifully crafted wooden toys like the Rainbow Architect Set that’ll compliment any playroom. Children can learn lots from this versatile, adjustable learning toy, like building fantasy worlds with bridges and towers. TickiT architect panels are also available in natural wood for a more soothing play. 

TickiT wooden toys allow children to gently develop their tactile skills. So give them Rainbow Wooden Rings or a Wooden Shape Twister and watch them engage in hours of stimulating sensory play. 

TickiT sensory toys are soothing and calming and come without rules or instructions. This makes them a perfect choice for children with Autism and special needs. 

Whether you’re looking for the best sensory toy or a charming gift for a little loved one, choose TickiT wooden toys available to shop online here today.

The Importance of Open-Ended Play

If you want to support your children’s cognitive and physical development, try encouraging open-ended play. The best place to start is to provide them with multi-use toys like stacking blocks.

So, how does open-ended play benefit children?

Let’s explore some of the advantages to open play and how it can help children of all abilities.

  • Fires up the imagination
  • Ignites creativity
  • Helps nurture independence and leadership skills
  • Strengthens cognitive flexibility and problem solving 
  • Excellent for vocabulary development, fine motor skills and hand-to-eye coordination
  • Helps children to regulate their emotions 
  • Soothing and stimulating 
  • Encourages children to think critically 
  • Helps children with special needs, including Autism 

When it comes to open-ended play, it’s important to choose toys made from natural materials like wood and non-toxic paint to enhance children’s imagination and creativity. 

So, look no further if you’re looking for the best open-ended play toys. Wood Bee Nice has everything you need to begin. Shop our full TickiT range right here to see more.

TickiT Best Sellers

  • Easy-Hold Discovery Set: Now, little ones can get to grips with various sensory toys. Whether they want to see the world through pink, yellow, or blue lenses or magnify their surroundings, it’s now possible with TickiT sensory toys.
  • Natural Architect Panel Set – These natural panels made from sustainable wood are a staple in Montessori schools. 
  • Touch & Match Board – The epitome of open-ended play, this TikiT toy has everything your little one needs to explore their senses. This toy allows them to touch, see, explore and choose which counters to move across the board.


What wood are Tikit toys made from?

TickiT toys are made from durable and sustainable wood materials such as rubberwood, hardwood and beechwood.

What are the benefits of playing with wooden sensory toys?

Not only do wooden toys look and feel beautiful, but they also help to increase children’s imagination and creativity. This is because they’re ultra-safe and simple, giving children freedom for hours of open-ended play. 

Where are TickiT toys made?

TikiT educational toys are designed and manufactured here in the UK and are available online at Wood Bee Nice. Want to see more? Click here to shop our full range of TickiT products today.