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Musical Instruments

Oh the joy of a lovely lullaby to send your baby to sleep or the battering of a drum that goes on for hours!

Musical instruments actually have great developmental benefits for young children, promoting creativity, as they discover the different sounds they make such as maracas, musical bells or castanets. Xylophones work as a child tries to repeat a familiar melody, boosting cognitive skills and sensory development. As music stimulates neural pathways, it will promote critical thinking and problem solving skills.

If you consider little hands learning to co-ordinate holding an instrument or learning to strike a drum or xylophone correctly, their hand-eye co-ordination develops, so think about a range of instruments like the musical table or a set which will strengthen and develop different muscle areas.

Lastly, the patience taught as a child masters an instrument or a tune will give a sense of achievement and they will learn through playing and be able to repeat a familiar tune or pattern to maintain a steady rhythm.

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Wooden Musical Toys for Children

Mini Mozarts need nurturing and encouragement. So why not introduce them to our fun collection of wooden toy musical instruments. 

Musical instruments for children are stimulating and entertaining, promoting hours of creative play. Little ones can take centre stage with a wooden piano and enjoy composing their own songs. Help them appreciate music by making beautiful tunes with wooden flutes and harmonicas

Melody-making isn’t just fun. It also boosts sensory skills and encourages children to problem solve as they tackle their new toy. Our children’s toy musical instruments are a win-win for busy parents. Made of sustainable materials, these wooden toys are safe, make pleasing sounds and allow for independent play.  

Wood Bee Nice source the best musical toy instruments in the UK to give little ones the gift of music at any age. So, discover our full range, including wooden xylophones and a full musical set and let your little stars create their dream band today. 

Baby Toy Musical Instruments UK

If you need musical toys for babies and tiny toddlers, try our select range of deluxe wooden rattles. This will give them an early start on their cognitive and motor development journey while making exciting movements and sounds. 

Babies become alert to sounds and colours at just a few weeks old. So choose a beautifully painted wooden music box or rain stick to soothe and delight them between naptimes. 

It’s showtime! And the performance begins with musical instruments for toddlers. Capture their imagination thanks to our wooden musical table painted in bright confetti colours, consisting of a drum, cymbal and xylophone for hours of rock n roll fun! 

Each wooden toy instrument is created to last a lifetime due to durable wood and unique designs. Whether they’re for your family home or a sweet gift for a little loved one, these musical toys will bring magic any time of year. So, shop our full range of wooden toy musical instruments for children today. 

Best Selling Children’s Musical Instruments

  • Grand Piano & Stool – Our brightest wooden electric piano for children is a unique early learning addition to any playroom. It comes with four scores to teach them classics like Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and Frère Jaques, setting them up on their musical journey. 
  • Pure Musical Table – This nature-themed musical table is the perfect introduction to melody making. It comes with a cymbal, wooden scraper, tambourine and an adorable spotty bell.
  • Animambo Kalimba – The most fun activity toy in our percussion range. These hand drums will entice children for hours as they grasp coordination skills through tempo and pace. 


What are the benefits of musical toys for children?

The number one benefit of musical instruments for babies, toddlers and children is extensive sensory and motor skills development. Whether banging drums, pulling strings, or shaking maracas, using their hands will strengthen coordination and boost their confidence in everyday life. Music also stimulates the developing brain and improves memory and problem-solving skills ready for when they go to school. Plus, musical toys for children burn enough energy during playtime that they’ll enjoy a restful sleep through the night. 

Does music affect children’s development?

Music affects all of us, no matter what age we are. Children can find emotions difficult to manage, but music helps regulate and soothe them while igniting imagination. Music also helps little ones develop speech by learning and remembering new words. 

What are the best musical toy musical instruments for toddlers?

Toddlers aged 1 to 3 years old are starting to develop hand-to-eye coordination, and educational toys like instruments can assist them in many ways. For example, holding sticks while tapping a xylophone or blowing a sweet tune on a flute will progress their tactile motor skills while having fun. 

Why are wooden musical instruments better?

Not only are wooden musical toys sustainable, durable and safe, but they make delightful sounds that are more pleasing to the ear. Wood Bee Nice source the best, high-quality charming wooden musical instrument for children that will last for years to come.