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Musical Instruments

Oh the joy of a lovely lullaby to send your baby to sleep or the battering of a drum that goes on for hours!

Musical instruments actually have great developmental benefits for young children, promoting creativity, as they discover the different sounds they make such as maracas, musical bells or castanets. Xylophones work as a child tries to repeat a familiar melody, boosting cognitive skills and sensory development. As music stimulates neural pathways, it will promote critical thinking and problem solving skills.

If you consider little hands learning to co-ordinate holding an instrument or learning to strike a drum or xylophone correctly, their hand-eye co-ordination develops, so think about a range of instruments like the musical table or a set which will strengthen and develop different muscle areas.

Lastly, the patience taught as a child masters an instrument or a tune will give a sense of achievement and they will learn through playing and be able to repeat a familiar tune or pattern to maintain a steady rhythm.

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