Easter can fall in March or April, the date is determined by the first full moon that occurs on or after the spring equinox. However, it will always occur between March 22nd and April 25th, which is within Springtime.

Easter can be so much fun and it doesn’t all have to be about chocolate!

There are lots of fun activities that can be played – a common one being finding the eggs which works on gross motor and cognitive skills. Believe it or not, there is actually a lot involved and taught without knowing by playing this. Amongst them are decision making (where to search), planning (creating a route), visual skills (identification of the eggs) and coordination (picking up the eggs and placing them in a container).

We also associate certain animals with Easter such as rabbits, lambs and chicks, along with the Easter Bunny. Our Easter Bundle is always a winner and can be used to explain that these animals are born around this time of year.

Finally, think about the colours that we usually see at easter – yellows, blues, greens and pinks and what ways you can add these into your seasonal play.

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Discover the Best Easter Toys in the UK

Here at Wood Bee Nice, we have put together a collection of Easter themed toys from top brands like Lanka Kade, Orchard Toys, Djeco and Le Toy Van. Our selection of sustainable wooden toys aids the learning of the meaning of Easter along with the animals associated with this time of year.

Alternative Easter Gifts

Easter can extend beyond indulging in chocolate, as our range offers inspiring toys perfect for play. With the abundance of baby animals being born around this time, our Parent & Baby Bundle provides an ideal opportunity to explore and learn about various animals and their family names.

The Lanka Kade Rainbow Eggs Playset serves as an engaging addition to egg hunts, fostering both fun and educational experiences. Comprising seven wooden eggs, this set not only enhances colour recognition and pattern identification but also offers versatility in stacking and sorting. Don’t forget to explore the numerous 5-star reviews to discover the positive experiences shared by others.

Easter Best Sellers

Easter Bundle – With the Lanka Kade Easter Bunny at its centre along with some familiar animals commonly seen at this time of year including a lamb, a rabbit, a chick and a hen.

Egg Surprise – A fun educational game aimed at improving number and counting skills.

Farm’n’co – A farm inspired first peg board, with easy grip big buttons designed for little ones to place the right animal in its place on the board.


What age can children start playing with these toys?

Some of the toys are suitable from 10+ months, with the potential to be used year after year through different types of play.

Are these toys just for Easter?

Absolutely not! All of our sustainable wooden toys can be played with all year around.