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Jigsaws are good for all ages. Studies have been able to show that they can improve cognition and visual-spatial reasoning. By putting the pieces together the concentration required improves short-term memory and problem solving.

For little ones, simple jigsaws help with the development of finger strength – so ask for the pieces to be turned, flipped, slide and wriggled into place. Start with peg board puzzles, with nice chunky pegs. Then there is a natural progression onto large jigsaw pieces, with few parts to make.

As little ones get older and reach school age, puzzles can include subjects like maps and educational material. And, if jigsaws are done as a group activity teamwork, cooperation and sharing are learnt.

Jigsaws are fun and upon completion there is a sense of achievement to be enjoyed. We have so much choice, we’re sure you will find a subject that will entertain and bring joy.

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Super Cute Jigsaw Puzzles for Children UK

Here at Wood Bee Nice, you’ll find a wide variety of children’s jigsaws beautifully made by premium toy brands like Floss & Rock, Janod and Lanka Kade. 

We also have jigsaw puzzles to match any interest, whether your little ones are into animals, 40 piece jigsaw – construction, trains or unicorns.

If you’re looking for the best jigsaws for babies and toddlers, check out our extensive Lanka Kade range featuring simple and sweet puzzles like cars, buses and farm animals.

Older children can enjoy more complex jigsaw puzzles to boost brain power and keep them entertained for hours. Children will love to build this world jigsaw puzzle and learn interesting geography at the same time. 

Or, perhaps, they want something brighter and more fun. Our Floss & Rock range boasts some of the best childrens’ jigsaws and puzzles, thanks to their beautifully painted pieces and inspiring themes. This 40-piece Dinosaur Jigsaw will have them hooked, giving you extra time to work on important daily jobs. 

Are you struggling to think of the best gift for children? Come and view our entire wooden jigsaw range right here today and select the perfect gift for any occasion.

The Benefits of Children’s Jigsaw Puzzles

The best children’s jigsaw puzzles are both fun and educational. Did you know that children learn faster when playing? This is because they’re engaging in something exciting and motivating, helping them to retain information. 

Luckily, we have a vast range of educational jigsaws for children of all ages. For example, small children can learn the alphabet quicker than ever with our Lanka Kade Crocodile Jigsaw Puzzle. Or they can learn simple number skills with an adorable, colourful wooden Butterfly Number Jigsaw.

Accelerate children’s ability to understand opposites, like clean and dirty, inside and outside. Our Duo Jigsaw Puzzle creates fun and excitement around learning, meaning little ones are well prepared for starting school.  

Puzzles and jigsaws are fantastic ways for children to develop problem-solving skills. Not only that, but they’re super fun, and you’re sure to find a children’s puzzle they’ll love here at Wood Bee Nice. So shop online here today to get started.

Best Selling Children’s Jigsaw Puzzles

  • Giant Road Jigsaw Puzzle – More than a jigsaw, this giant road lets children decide on the layout boosting problem-solving skills and creativity. The chunky pieces allow them to use their own car toys and invent new games, promoting independent play.
  • Fairy Jigsaw –  This delightful and charming jigsaw is so beautifully designed that your little fairy princesses will adore it for years to come. Not only will they love building it, but it will also become a backdrop for imaginative play with their other magical toys.
  • Conga the Crocodile  –  A super fun way to learn the alphabet. This wooden crocodile puzzle is ideal for early learning, enabling little children to build confidence and conquer their ABCs.


At what age can children start playing with jigsaw puzzles?

Children usually have the motor and cognitive skills to put together a jigsaw puzzle when they’re around 18 months old.

How do jigsaw puzzles help children develop?

Putting together a jigsaw puzzle requires a host of skills. While they may be slow at first, frequent use of jigsaw puzzles can help develop essential skills like coordination, problem-solving, fine motor skills, spatial awareness, memory and attention span. 

What are the best puzzles for babies and toddlers?

Puzzles for babies need to be easy and bright, like this super simple Fox and Cub Jigsaw, which can be enjoyed by babies over 10 months.