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Playpress is also a family run business, just like ourselves. The team consists of Matthew - the fearless founder, Melvin (Dad) - the business brains and Peter (brother) - the creative powerhouse.

Playpress is about exploring new possibilities. It was created to help little ones create new stories with toys that were affordable and eco-friendly. The love of creativity and ingenuity is what drives them everyday and as a family-owned business, care and quality really matter to them.

How are the products made? The printing and binding uses vegetable-based inks and water-based glues that are vegan, biodegradable and ocean friendly. The fibres of the boards are bleach-free and sourced from sustainable managed forests in Finland. All toys are manufactured in the UK, which minimises air miles and they all conform to European safety standards.

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Playpress Toys UK

Children will love these detailed and delightful playsets by Playpress. This family-run business knows the importance of safety and sustainability, so you can let little ones play without worry.

Made right here in the UK, Playpress toys offer a unique way to play. Children can get lost in play for hours with various playboard toys featuring different worlds. 

Building these sustainable playsets for children is super easy! Pushing together the pieces allows little ones to develop problem-solving and fine motor skills. 

Capture the imagination of budding astronauts with space-themed playsets. Now they can build their own Playpress cardboard space station, bringing along astronauts and robots for lots of creative play. 

Children can embark on an adventure of a lifetime thanks to the ultra-detailed and striking knight’s castle, which is sure to ignite their imagination. After constructing the easy-to-use cardboard pieces, little ones can play with cute knights, horses and a detailed castle front.

Keeping with the fantasy world theme, inventive children will love Playpress Pirates with a secret island playset with adorable pirates and boats. 

If you’re ever stuck for gift ideas, Playpress toys are a popular choice. These high-quality, brightly coloured pop-up playsets are an exciting and unique way to play, guaranteeing happy children every time. 

So, if you’re looking for entertaining, sustainable and quality-made toys, choose Playpress. Click here to shop our full collection today.

Best Selling Playpress Toys UK

  • Gruffalo Playpress Playset – A super cute twist on the beloved character, the Gruffalo. Also featuring mouse, fox, owl and snake, little ones will love building and playing with this playset for many years to come.
  • Playpress Farmyard – This charming playset allows little ones to expand vocabulary by learning the names of farm animals, fruits and vegetables. It’s easily adjustable, and children can switch up and create a new farm every day.
  • Playpress Shaun the Sheep – If your little ones love Shaun the Sheep, they need this super fun cardboard playset. Featuring Mossy Bottom Farm and familiar faces like Timmy and Bitzer, they have everything they need to create their own stories.


Where are Playpress playsets made?

Playpress toys are made in the UK by a family-run business. All toys are manufactured in the UK, which minimises air miles and they all conform to European safety standards.

The Playpress team works together to bring beautiful,  affordable, sustainable toys to playrooms worldwide.

Why should I buy Playpress toys?

Playpress have created innovative playsets for children to create new worlds while boosting development skills. They have a wide selection of playsets available, including dinosaurs, safari animals and rescue team characters. Each delightful playset is made using sustainable materials and manufactured to the highest standards. Playpress playsets are made from playboard, a compostable material made with wood pulp from sustainably-managed forests. When printing and binding, they use vegetable-based inks and water-based glues which are vegan, biodegradable and ocean-friendly. The board fibres are also bleach-free and sourced from sustainably managed forests in Finland. Plus, they’re beautifully painted, creating a lovely addition to any playroom.