Classic World

Started in 1998, by founder Sofiyia, Classic Worlds aim is to provide high quality toys using only wood from sustainable sources and processes that are ecologically friendly.

Classic World design their toys to for fill little ones development needs at each stage of development. The design team consists of designers, teachers, early childhood developmental counsellors and those who deeply understand little ones needs. Each product undergoes rigorous testing and complies with all European standards.

Their tag line is simple 'Made With Love' - to bring happiness and wisdom all around the world.

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Classic World Wooden Toys UK

All Classic World toys are made from sustainably sourced materials and use processes that are ecologically friendly. They are designed to support the development needs of children at each stage of development.

Starting with popular first toys such as the Elephant Rattle with beads to stimulate babies hearing. Or a Macaroon Rattle with a mirror inside to fascinate little ones with their own reflection and finally our UFO Baby Rattle that is a combined teether too.

Educational Toys by Classic World

We have lots of educational wooden balancing games in our Classic World range, here at Wood Bee Nice. A firm favourite is Hercules Weightlifting where different sized discs are used to to balance out Hercules arms. Also using discs to balance is our Balance Stacking Game which comes with helpful cards for different ability levels making it a progressive learning toy.

When it’s time to introduce is a little bit of fun mathematics Fruity Fractions is ideal as it incorporates learning fruits along with first fractions.

Classic World Best Sellers

Busy Board Rocket – Busy Boards are ideal from 12 months old, they are designed for little fingers to develop fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination and dexterity. There are multiple activities to do that support cognitive thinking and keep little ones entertained for hours. Included are turning blocks, gears, beads and a maze, it’s also lightweight and portable making it easy to carry around and portable.
Exploration Blocks – A set of wooden blocks, where each one has a different element included to allow exploration, excitement and sensory development including acoustic and optical effects. The secret of each can be discovered through shaking, pushing, touching and observing.
My Little House – My Little House has huge play potential for vivid imaginations, offering the ability to play at keeping house. The house folds out allowing different rooms to be moved through including a sitting room, kitchen, a bedroom and a laundry room. on the reverse is a theatre for performances and an easel. Best of all it folds up after playtime to economise on space.


Where can I buy Classic World toys in the UK?

Here at Wood Bee Nice, we have a huge range of Classic World toys, simply click here to see more and shop online today.

What are the best Classic World toys for role play?

We have a wide range of toys that allow children to explore role play which includes tool benches such as the Modern Tool Bench , Rocket Workbench and the starter Tool Bench.

There are also some excellent kitchen sets including Chef’s Kitchen Set , Mini Kitchen ideal for table tops and the beautiful Vintage Kitchen.

Why should I choose Classic World toys?

We believe that Classic World offers a range of wooden toys to suit all budgets. The design team consists of designers, teachers and early childhood development counsellors along with those who deeply understand children’s needs. This makes a formidable team, helping parents to rest easy that they really are buying quality sustainable toys with a child’s needs at the heart of the business.