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Kitchens & Play Food

Play kitchens are a very popular toy for children who love pretend play. It also can give an insight into organisational skills and real life skills. Because there is so much choice to use utensils, appliances and different foods the educational benefits are endless. Language skills can develop as they learn to stir or mix, whether food is hot or cold after they have chosen how to prepare it, even numeracy as they count the plates, weigh food or time the cooking length.

Our range is something we are proud of – from a wide selection of kitchens to smaller appliances such as coffee machines, blenders, tea sets and the cooking pots required the create the next generation of master chefs.  You can even go to the shops and buy the food before preparing it, with our grocery sets, food crates or shopping accessories. Don’t forget the take-away option either, with pizza, coffees and smoothies.

Bon appétit!

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Imaginative Play for your Little Chefs

Who knew cooking could be so much fun! Our beautiful collection of large and small wooden kitchens and matching cookware will delight busy children for hours. Wooden play kitchens are perfect for imaginative and educational play, thanks to our range of delectable wooden play foods and kitchen accessories. 

Our wooden play kitchens are ready for children to cook up a storm. Our cute collection allows children to explore homemaking with imaginary baking, serving and washing-up. Not only are they perfect for pretend play, but wooden toy kitchens can improve language and motor skills too! 

Each wooden kitchen toy is durable, sustainable and built to last a lifetime. From large wooden play kitchens to delicious wooden treats, your children can play house for hours in their own unique way. 

No kitchen is ready without the perfect wooden play kitchen accessories. So stock up on delightful tea sets, yummy wooden food and stylish wooden pans to serve up some fun today.

Wooden Play Sets for Budding Entrepreneurs

Unleash your little one’s inner entrepreneur with our adorable wooden toy market stalls. Your children can learn how to count and develop critical social skills thanks to pretend exchange using market bakers baskets, vegetable 5 a day crate and more. 

Your future business owners can indulge in imagination with their own delicious cafe using takeaway smoothie cups and wooden cafe machine play sets to give them a little taste of success. 

Encourage imaginative play and let little ones sell wooden ice cream in cute toy wooden market stalls with an adorable canopy. Shop our range of wooden products to sell every day of the week. 

So, don’t look elsewhere for a high-quality play kitchen for your mini chefs to have hours of fun. Instead, choose Wood Bee Nice for the ultimate culinary experience for children.

Our Best Selling Wooden Kitchens

  • Oxford Kitchen – This deluxe children’s wooden kitchenette is painted in royal blue with contrasting white details. It’s perfect for extensive play, thanks to turning hobs, knobs, a microwave and a bundle of wooden toy pots and pans to cook their favourite meals any time they wish.
  • Vintage Kitchen – Our most delightful play kitchen is painted in sweet pastel pink with a rustic design that will look great in any playroom. The simple design enhances pretend play with plenty of storage space for fun wooden kitchen accessories.
  • Mini Kitchen – Perfect for gender-neutral play, this modern play kitchen is complete with a frying pan, stewpot, spoon, spatula, tea towel and salt and pepper shakers.


What age is best for a play kitchen?

Toy kitchens for children are suitable for ages two years old and above. Play kitchens and play cutlery enrich social skills, develop vocabulary and progress motor skills that children of all ages can benefit from. Wood Bee Nice select the best wooden toy kitchens for children in the UK to ensure lots of role-play fun every playtime.

Why is a wooden toy kitchen better than a plastic kitchen?

While play food isn’t messy, children tend to have mucky hands from real food and outdoor play, which can transfer onto their play kitchens. Toy wooden kitchens are not only highly durable, but they’re easy to wipe clean without damaging the exterior. Plastic toy kitchens break easily and end up in landfills, so play kitchens made from sustainable wood are much better for our wallets and the environment. 

How do toy kitchens help children’s development?

Role-playing as a chef or mimicking grown-ups is super entertaining for small children. While participating in imaginative play, your little ones are learning social skills and handling different emotions. Thanks to fruity fractions, like cooking utensils, motor and counting skills are quickly refined whilst having fun.

What props and accessories do you have for wooden toy market stalls?

Wood Bee Nice sell various toy produce for pretend play, including cheese, bread, meat, vegetables, coffee and cake. And thanks to our charming wooden cash register complete with wooden coins and paper notes, little ones can learn to count too. Each wooden play food set is made from sustainable, wipe-clean materials and painted in cheerful colours for boys and girls to enjoy.