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"Learning Made Fun" is, and will always be at the core of everything that Orchard Toys does. Great care is taken to strike the right balance between education and fun. Orchard Toys offers a range full of variety based around popular themes and appeals to a broad range of consumers.

Orchard Toys is proud of it's British Heritage and continues to manufacture a majority of their products in the UK. They are passionate about offering high quality products with a low impact on our environment, whilst using paper from sustainable sources and game board made from recycled materials.

Many of the games and jigsaw have been crowned award winners over the years, voted by industry professionals, parents and little ones themselves. Winning awards only furthers their confidence in their amazing products and the Orchard Toys brand.

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Enjoy Educational Games by Orchard Toys UK

Introducing the best educational toys for children by British-made brand Orchard Toys. Manufactured in the UK, these games and puzzles were designed to boost development and fun. 

We know the importance of learning through play. This is why we’ve sourced some of the best educational games for children. So let your little ones explore creativity and problem solving with super-fun games like Smelly Wellies and Giraffes in Scarves.

Maximise their mathematical skills from as early as 5 years old with Magic Maths Game, a signature Orchard Toy for learning numbers, counting and simple sums.

Orchard Toys’ games and jigsaw puzzles have a cute twist on the traditional games we all know and love. So join in the fun with Jungle Snakes & Ladders, What’s the Time, Mr Wolf and Little Bug Bingo

There are many ways for children to develop their speech and language skills. One of the best ways is through interactive games like the highly entertaining Orchard Toys puzzle Match & Spell

The beauty of Orchard Toys games is that they have colourful, bold pictures to capture children’s imagination. A favourite is the number street jigsaw puzzle to encourage colour recognition and to brighten any day.

All About Orchard Toys UK

Starting at their kitchen table, making stencils and wooden blocks for local nurseries, Orchard Toys are now leading educational toymakers worldwide.

Orchard Toys are designed and made in the UK, and their collection includes fun, sustainable and educational games for children. 

With toys and games made to last a lifetime, your children’s children can also enjoy these highly-durable Orchard Toys for many generations to come. 

We love Orchard Toys due to the perfect balance of fun and education in every product. This means little ones can enjoy their Orchard Toys games while absorbing new skills like language, social and maths. 

So, if you’re looking for a lovely gift or a fun way to pass the time on a Sunday afternoon, shop our entire range online here today.

Best-Selling Orchard Toys

  • Orchard Toys Shopping List – This game is so fun that adults will love to play, too! Boost your children’s memory skills with this matching card game and let the whole family be entertained. 
  • Orchard Toys Giant Road – This isn’t a regular jigsaw. Little ones can design their jigsaw pieces in any way they want, making this sustainable game an ultra-fun addition to any playroom.


Where can I buy Orchard Toys in the UK?

Here at Wood Bee Nice, we stock an extensive range of Orchard Toys. Simply click here to see more and shop online today.

What are the best Orchard Toys products for learning numbers?

Brightly coloured, fun, and interactive games are a sure-fire way to encourage children to learn maths. Luckily, we stock many Orchard Toys number games like Numbers Street, Times Table Heroes and Magic Maths Game.  

Why should I choose Orchard Toys?

As a brand, Orchard Toys came from humble beginnings. Starting in their kitchen, they soon became a global provider of educational games for children. Their ethos has always remained the same – to educate children through the power of play. They created super-fun, brightly-coloured games for children to interact, learn and retain new skills.