Tooky Toy

"Creativity is intelligence having fun." - Albert Einstein

With that in mind, Tooky Toy began in 2004. Tooky Toy is palace to find creative alternatives to the wooden toys you love! The dream is to make the best wooden toys possible. Everyday, they look for creative ways to take ordinary everyday objects and turn them into timeless and durable toys. The toys grow with your little ones, encourage imagination, incorporate real-life skills, and build fine motor skills. All toys are eco-friendily manufactured.

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Introducing the Best Tooky Toys UK

Find the best wooden toys for babies, toddlers and children with Tooky Toy. Eco-friendly, durable and beautifully painted in non-toxic paint, these wooden toys are the perfect addition to any toybox.

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Captivating Wooden Educational Toys UK

Tooky Toy is renowned for its early learning educational toys across the globe.

An excellent alternative to plastic toys, Tooky Toy products are made from sustainable wood and safe for babies and children of all ages. 

Stimulate little minds with simple sudoku using animals instead of numbers. 

Tooky Toy promotes the following skill sets in children:

  • Logical thinking
  • Problem-solving
  • Counting
  • Language building
  • Alphabet learning
  • Fine motor skills
  • Hand-to-eye coordination
  • Social skills
  • Boosts imagination


What are the best educational toys for children?

The best educational toys for children should mix fun and learning elements to keep young minds engaged. Our Tooky Toy collection includes wooden counting toys, alphabet learning puzzles, coordination games and balancing blocks.

Where are Tooky Toy products made? 

Tooky Toys are made in China. They gather their wood materials from sustainable forests, and it is then air-dried and transported to ethical factories in China, where the toys are assembled and coated in toxic-free, water-based paint. 

Is Tooky Toy sustainable?

Yes. Tooky Toys are made from durable, sustainable wood that can be recycled and last longer than regular plastic toys.