Did you know that playing games has been proven to be part of a healthy development in early childhood? And you are never too young – or old, to start.

By playing games our little ones learn valuable skills, such as patience, practice, problem solving, working out the best strategies and sharing. These are real life skills which develop confidence, social interaction, language and emotional experiences.

You could choose to start with simple balancing games – these can be played with singularly or together and generally around 18 months old is the perfect time to begin. In time, the skills acquired for balancing can be used with dominoes, marble runs or more intricate games which really test everyone!

Games which involve colours and numbers can bring excitement to learning and sometimes it won’t even be recognised that is what is happening.

As a family business, we want to bring joy and happiness to family time and games have a way of bringing people together and having fun. Getting involved is sometimes just what is needed, helping to create traditions and memories.

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Discover the Best Wooden Games for Children

Embrace a more timeless way to play. Wooden children’s games are not only super fun but also highly durable and sustainable and look great in every playroom. Plus, wooden games offer the whole family an easy way to bond, creating new traditions and lifelong memories. 

Why not use fun and inspiring games for children to boost their creativity and core development? Your little ones can quickly learn new skills with attractive options like the Post Box Game and the Rainbow Balancing Game.

Orchard Toys is a brand every parent loves, thanks to its selection of eco-friendly and educational games for children. These versatile games help children learn new skills and build upon existing ones. You can help children strengthen their numeracy, memory, little bug bingo mini game and language skills with Orchard Toys games.

Our collection of wooden marble runs is a popular choice for children’s gifts. This classic game provides fun and excitement with every use. Marble runs can also promote STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) due to children learning critical skills like hand-eye coordination, dexterity and visual tracking. We have some of the best marble runs for children right here at Woode Bee Nice, including the best-selling Castle Escape Marble Run by Hape.  

Wooden games for children offer a variety of benefits, including safety, sustainability and education. Here at Wood Bee Nice, you’ll find the best children’s games from quality brands like Janod, Orchard Toys, Lanka Kade and more. View our full wooden games collection below to get started today.

Explore Logic & Educational Games for Children UK

With our excellent selection of educational games, you can start your little ones off on the right foot as early as 18 months. Just look at this super cute bear’s dominos, and you can see how much children can learn. From problem-solving skills to dexterity, they can have lots of fun while developing essential skills. 

Each game is made using premium-quality materials that last longer than average toys. So choosing wooden games for children is a no-brainer. Especially when they’re as cute as Janod’s Equilibloc Color Balancing Game, which is also suitable for a Montessori-style education.  

An adorable twist on the classic card game, Snap, children will delight in this fun version by Learn Well Education. With Feeling Snappy, little ones can learn about different emotions by describing and discussing them in more detail, helping with regulation and enhancing social skills.

Best Selling Games for Children

  • Zig & Go 45-Piece Marble Run – One of the most fun activities for children is a large marble run. This wooden marble run will keep them engaged for hours. So, you can watch their concentration skills sharpen as they spend time building and adjusting their marble run for optimal performance each day
  • Waterlily Challenge – The best game for older children who can build upon skills. Due to the strategic nature of the game, children can strengthen their concentration abilities, which helps all areas of education. Plus, it’s super fun!
  • Countryside Animal Skittle Set –  Who doesn’t love a game of skittles? This may be a children’s game, but adults will love to join in, too. Children will love this adorable Lanka Kade wooden game featuring handmade animal-shaped skittles and bright-coloured balls.


What are the benefits of children playing games?

There are many benefits to playing wooden games. Children will learn many helpful and essential skills through different games. Most games require social interaction, boosting emotional skills and teamwork. Language skills will develop easier as children learn faster when having fun. Little ones will also improve dexterity, concentration and numerical skills. Not only will your children’s development flourish, but so will your family bonding time. Our interactive wooden games will bring the whole family together for hours of heart-warming fun. So why not view our wooden games range here and shop online today?

How do board games improve social skills?

Wooden board games allow children to learn various social skills, including communication, compromise, collaboration, patience and problem-solving.

What are the best games for toddlers?

Smaller children can join in the fun with our beautiful and safe wooden games for toddlers. This super cute Balancing Stacking Game is an excellent choice for children around 3 years old as it provides an easier challenge that boosts cognitive and core skills.