Janod is a French brand specialising in the creation of traditional toys and games from wood and cardboard. It has stood the test of time by adapting to the needs of little ones discovering the toys for the first time, and the memories of their parents who have grown up with them.

"I Play My Way"

Whether it's putting together two parts of a puzzle, building a tower with a few cubes, screwing, unscrewing, following a path with their fingers or pushing the right key of a xylophone, "playing" requires a lot of effort from little ones. Respecting their preferences and leaving them free to experience things, even if the game materials are used in an unusual way, will enable them to succeed in asserting themselves. It is only they who, by repeating the same movement over and over, can improve their skills.

Give them self-confidence through play!

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Janod Wooden Toys UK

Little ones love to play. So, make sure you choose fun, educational wooden toys painted in bright non-toxic paint from Janod. 

Janod toys were created in France over 40 years ago and are well known for their cute collection of sustainable wooden toys for children of all ages.

Babies need visually stimulating toys with fun sounds. So give them a Confetti Maracas Barbel or a delightful wooden forest stacker to boost fine motor skills – without any plastic in sight!

Looking for the best wooden toys for toddlers? Try adding a super-cute wooden activity table to your playroom. Little ones will love exploring this activity toy different noises and movements from farm yard animals painted in beautiful colours. 

Older children can expand their awareness of the world around them with high-quality wooden role-play toys. From traditional toys like wooden games for children to magnetic toys teaching curious minds about the human body and how our skeleton, organs and muscles work.

So, whatever age, interest and ability, the Janod brand has everything you need right here.

Traditional Wooden Toys for Early Years

We source the best Janod toys to support early childhood development and create hours of memory-making fun.

If you have robot-loving children, they’ll want this dive into this exciting DIY Brico’Kids Build-Your-Own-Robot activity set to create their own. Or, perhaps your little one is drawn to music. Janod musical toys like the Confetti Xylophone are made from eco-friendly solid wood and produce beautifully balanced sounds. 

Pretend play has never been so fun! Thanks to children’s homemaking toys like cute wooden dolls prams, doll beds and cots, there’s plenty to keep them occupied while learning valuable social skills. 

Looking for the perfect gift for little ones can be tricky, so we chose this charming collection of Janod wooden toys for thoughtful gift-givers. Now you can source beautiful gifts for all boys and girls with our wooden puzzles, playsets, toxin-free stackable toys and more!

Our Best Selling Janod Toys

  • Sweet Cocoon Cart – This isn’t your average baby walker. Now your little ones can learn to walk while playing with ABC blocks and abacus rows, which are perfect for developing counting skills. 
  • Doctor’s Suitcase – Mini medics can spend hours in role-play thanks to this adorable doctor’s playset, complete with wooden accessories like an otoscope, stethoscope, tongue depressor and thermometer. 
  • 2-in-1 Rocker Tricycle – A super-fun and stylish rocking toy made from sustainable wood. Children will love this balancing game making it a lovely addition to every playroom.
  • Silver Magnetic Rocket – Get ready for lift-off with this iconic little rocket made for little space explorers. Great for dexterity and coordination, this rocket will be a favourite for years to come.


What materials are Janod toys made from?

Janod toys are made using sustainable materials like FSC-certified wood and cardboard. In addition, their toys are varnished in heavily regulated paint, making Janod toys the perfect choice for babies and toddlers who like to put toys in their mouths.

Is Janod a good brand for children?

Janod toys are an excellent choice for children and environmentally-aware parents. These wooden toy specialists have created fun, engaging and educational toys painted in safe, vibrant colours. With various toys to entertain all interests, there’s something suitable for all babies, toddlers and children.