About Us

Who we are

We are Richard and Rachel a married couple managing our family business from Buckingham, in Buckinghamshire.  Rachel has spent her career working in retail as a buyer, merchandiser and manager. Richard previously worked in manufacturing which developed his critical eye for detail and his management skills. We are parents to our two beautiful daughters, 7 year old Grace and 6 year old Emily.

Our vision is to create a legacy that means something to us, while helping families at a time when childhood experiences are so essential in forming young minds.  We launched our family business so we could do something we absolutely believe in, which is to help other families buy quality sustainable toys from likeminded people who hold customer services at the heart of their business. 

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How we do things

We pride ourselves in putting together a range of toys which is comprehensive, safe and age appropriate. We have immersed ourselves in research to enable us to select toys suitable for development and educational purposes whilst inspiring creativity, fun and excitement in the eyes of children. Whilst ensuring the safety of our toys by becoming EN71 certified, we have also involved our own daughters in user experience testing so we can be sure of the excitement and happiness these toys will bring.

As sustainability is at the heart of our business, not only are our toys made from sustainable resources, we also recycle, repurpose and reuse all packaging materials. Any new packaging is FSC quality and fully recyclable. 

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Our shop

We want to make your experience with us as simple and enjoyable as possible. We have organised our toys into categories to help you choose, but if there is something that you are particularly looking for please do get in touch through the contact us page and we would be happy to help. We can help make the task of choosing presents for friends and loved ones simpler. Just tell us who you are buying for, their age and what your budget is and we can send you recommendations or talk to you directly on the phone.

But who said toys are just for children? We have a wide range of 3d puzzles and some mechanical that will really test grown-ups mind too.

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Our range

If you asked our girls, or any child, what they would like in a new toy they would say a fun and exciting toy that is colourful and nice to hold. Grown ups generally like to buy toys for their children that are inspirational, educational and encourage development. For this reason, we have selected our range to fulfil the requirements and desires of both grownups and children. Our quality tested toys will help develop minds, creativity and physical growth whilst being fun for those that use them so they are played with again and again.

Our values

Just like other parents we want the best for our children and we want to pass the planet down to our children’s generation in the best possible health to safeguard their futures. Currently thousands and thousands of plastic toys are shipped off to landfill every year damaging our planet because they take many hundreds of years to break down. We strongly believe in selecting a range of wooden toys from sustainable sources to help protect the future of our environment.

Our toys have been carefully selected to encourage learning, development and bring fun and tradition to their users. They are durable, robust and timeless so they can be handed down to brothers and sisters and future generations for them to be loved over and over again.

Customer service is crucially important to us and is something both of us have excelled at during our previous working lives. We are here to help you select your perfect gift from our range and aim to inspire confidence in you of your choices and our service. We are very approachable and would love to hear any feedback you may have of our family business.

It “Wood Bee Nice” to hear from you soon!!

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