Vilac have been designing toys since 1911 - that's over 100 years of wooden toys that are unique, with a lasting appeal designed to last throughout generations.

Starting in the village of Moirans-en-Montagne, France, by Narcisse Villet in a small turning workshop called "Maison Villet". When his two sons took the reigns in 1951 the business was already well known and it later changed names to become Vilac, the company we know today. The name Vilac comes from that contraction of the words Villet and lacquer which is what is used to colour the toys.

When it comes to designing toys, the only limit is the imaginations of the creators. Concerned about quality, details and beautiful finishes, the safety of children is always behind their creations, to which end they are all EN71 certified and carry the CE label. Amongst many ideals allowing children to develop their fine motor skills, observation, creativity are at the forefront.

Most of the toys are made using beech wood, sometimes hornbeam, pine or boxwood depending on the technical constraints of the toy. All wood types come form sustainably managed forests.

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Vilac Wooden Toys UK

The key features of Vilac wooden toys are all in the quality, details and beautiful finishes. At the forefront of designing is a child’s development of motor skills, observation and creativity.

Let’s start with the wide selection of ride on toys from our wooden rockers such as Pompon Bear Rocker and the Hudada Rocking Horse which are great for developing strength, balance, coordination and agility. Once these skills are mastered children can move on to leg power and steering with ride on toys like the Ride on Firetruck or the very popular Ride on Tractor perfect for budding farmers.

When it comes to little hands there are some fascinating toys to help develop fine motor skills, dexterity and hand-eye coordination. We love the Early Learning Cooking Pot which has 3 different interchangeable activity trays within the pot to enable colour matching, posting and matching. There is also the Under the Canopy range for learning number and letters, that includes Under the Canopy Early Learning Counting Game and Under the Canopy Alphabet Shape Game.

Twists on Traditional Family Games

We all love a traditional board game, but we believe that twists can engage children a little more. Vilac has an exciting range based around different fruit and vegetables such as A trip Across the vegetable Garden, a game of Chinese Checkers where the pieces represent carrots, turnips or radishes. There is also the very popular Vegetable Garden Solitaire, Vegetables Deduction Game or Four Apples in a Row.

Here, at Wood Bee Nice, we also have picture dominoes, in the form of Farm Dominoes and In the Stars Dominoes where there are 2 levels of play. Pictures are on one side of each domino and on the reverse there are symbols in different values, which enables counting skills for this matching game.

Board games are great for teaching patience and learning how to take turns. More valuable skills include problem solving, working out strategies and sharing. These are real life skills which develop confidence, social interaction, language and emotional experiences.

Vilac Best Sellers

Classic Car – A retro inspired classic racing ride on car guaranteed to provide hours of fun, whilst looking great. Great for developing essential motor and coordination skills, while strengthening little legs, learning balance and spatial awareness through steering the car.
Savannah Musical Blocks – Perfect for little hands and crafted so that the sounds are soft and effective. Each block represents a different jungle animal, they can be stacked and generate giggles as they tumble and the sounds all mix together.
Balloon Powered Boat – A simple, yet brilliant toy that everyone will enjoy. Learn how to blow up a balloon, connect it to the boat and then release it to watch it race off across the water. Can be used in the bath or outside across a pond. Perfect for racing.


What are Vilac toys made from?

Most of Vilacs wooden toys are made using beech wood, sometimes hornbeam, pine or boxwood. All wood types come from sustainably managed forests.

Where can I buy Vilac toys in the UK?

Here at Wood Bee Nice, we pride ourselves on our varied range of toys to suit different age ranges and abilities, simply click here to see the full range and shop online today.