The heritage of Djeco is the story of a family business, passed down from a mother to her son. Based in long-time offices on the banks of the Siene since 1954, developing the art of playfulness so little ones can be inspired and delighted - along with big kids too!

Djeco consider themselves as part of a creative community, surrounded by designers, illustrators and inventors, and are constantly exploring, experimenting and testing. Creative collections are born out of this dynamic environment, and they love sharing with all that follow on the journey.

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Djeco Toys UK

Introducing Djeco wooden toys for children. This Paris based toy company has captured the art of play and produced a creative collection of whimsical wooden toys for babies, toddlers and children. 

Here you’ll find a dynamic collection of animambo hand drum, duo jigsaw puzzle – mom and baby and collage craft set – crinkle cutting to delight young minds in a safe and sustainable way. This means mindful parents can add these eco-friendly toys to play boxes without impacting the planet. 

Children love experimenting with music. So give your mini musicians beautiful Animambo wooden instruments painted in bright colours for educational and energetic play. Or simply add a sweet wooden music box to enhance relaxation at bedtime. Music-making gives little ones the chance to develop essential motor skills and process new sounds in a safe environment. 

Parents will love high-quality, non-toxic Djeco baby toys like the adorable BabyBouli because we all know babies like to chew on anything and everything. 

Older children can get in on some of the Djeco toy action too! Try the Zig & Go Culbuto or a marble run piece for action-packed playtimes while improving critical thinking skills. 

Explore the Best Djeco Toys for Children

Djeco toys are built for a lifetime of fun. So, invest in pretend play and discover our full Djeco range here today.

Best Selling Djeco Toys

  • Filanature Wooden Toys –  These farm-inspired wooden beads will entice little ones for hours. They promote focus and motor skills while learning about animals, fruit and fauna. 
  • Cachempil Stacking Toy – An adorable and sustainable twist on the traditional stacking toy. This baby and toddler-friendly toy is painted in beautiful non-toxic coloured paint and is on every parent’s wishlist.
  • Tapatou Hen Game – A delightful game for toddlers they will find entertaining, whether alone or with friends. This wooden playset for toddlers is complete with a hen, wooden eggs and a hammer for tapping. Plus, it makes a gorgeous gift for any occasion!


Are Djeco toys safe?

Yes, Djeco wooden toys have been rigorously tested and exceed British and European Health & Safety standards to guarantee children’s safety. 

Where are Djeco toys made?

Djeco is a French brand founded in 1954. This family business has expanded its business worldwide. Once pre-production designs have been thoroughly tested and exceed safety standards, the toys are manufactured in Europe and China.

What wood are Djeco toys made from?

Djeco uses sustainable birch wood and toxic-free paint in all its products.

Why choose Djeco toys for children?

If you’re looking for unique, dynamic and beautifully-made toys for little ones, Djeco’s creative collection is for you. These toys offer an eco-friendly alternative to plastic toys, from musical and board games to wooden puzzles and educational toys. With a talented team of designers, you’re sure to find a suitable toy for children to cherish for years to come.