We often know that Spring is on the way when we see leaves starting to shoot from the trees and daffodils and tulips begin to bloom. Officially, the first day of Spring fails on the 21st March apart from on years when there is a leap year, in which cause on every fourth year it begins on 20th March.

Spring allows children to explore the weather and how it changes over time. There are several toys in our range which open the topic of different types of weather and can aid learning about weather patterns like rain, wind and sunshine – even thunder and lightening! We suggest a starting point of discussing where rain comes from and why it’s needed for plants to grow.

In Spring we think about visiting farms to see the baby animals that are born, such as chicks and lambs. You could chose to use our Parents & Baby Bundle or our Ultimate Farm Animals Bundle to further learning, recreating the places that you visit and create small world play activities.

With the changing of the seasons, it’s always a good idea to have nature exploring resources – like our bug jars or magnifying glasses to really get in there and closing observe changes. You could also start a bug journal and identify different mini beasts learning about the role they play in your local eco-system.

In any case, we’re sure that you can find something to aid activities both inside and out.

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The Joy of Spring with the Best Wooden Toys

Learning about the seasons is really beneficial for helping children to understand about the weather and what the signs of the changes look like. We love the 4 Progressive Difficulty Jigsaw Puzzles – 4 Seasons as it depicts what we associated with the 4 seasons. It also makes an ideal gift as it’s presented in a lovely little case with a fabric handle, just like all the jigsaws in the Janod range.

What about getting a hand with the Spring clean at home? Pretend play forms an important part of learning as little ones love act out being grown ups, and it teaches real life skills which can be carried through life. Our Cleaning Set will allow the opportunity to take part in maintaining the home that they live in, giving a sense of empowerment and value by contributing to the family tasks. Therefore, leading to developing social and language skills and growing confidence.

Springtime Farmyard Toys for Children

Spring is an ideal time to introduce a love of animals to children when there are ample opportunities to go out and visit farms for petting, feeding and other activities. To further learning and animal identification you can choose from our selection of wooden animal stacking playsets like Stacking Farm Animals , or Tractor and Trailer with Animal Stacking Game which are ideal for progressing motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

A farm wouldn’t be complete without vehicles such as the Lanka Kade Push Along Tractor or the people need to look after the animals, so add the Farm Folk Bundle to make a complete farming environment. Alternatively you could look at the Farm Building Blocks as a starter set as it comes with lots of blocks to construct a farm, animals and two farmers.

Some other fun wooden farm themed toys include the Farmyard Peg Puzzle or you can elevate the entertainment with the Farmyard Sound Puzzle. Both are perfect for little hands and are assured to provide hours of joy, you could even make the animal noises yourself whilst playing.

Spring Best Sellers

Farmyard Heads & Tails Game – A simple farmyard themed pairing activity or memory game, where matching the heads and tails completes the puzzle. Perfect for little hands developing hand-eye coordination, along with animal recognition and an understanding of where each animal lives through discussion during play.

Wooden Ride-On Tractor – The dream toy for any budding farmer, an ultra-realistic wooden tractor with a horn and working steering. Designed to help little ones learn to control their movements whilst exploring the world around them.

Springtime Decorative Mobile – For older children we present a beautiful crafting kit which involves painting flowers and stringing them together to make a large floral themed mobile. Mobile art allows for focus over longer periods of time, which builds and enhances concentration levels.


Who makes the wooden animal figures?

We stock the full range of wooden animals from Lanka Kade. Simply click here to see the full range online today.

Why buy from Wood Bee Nice?

We put a lot of time into choosing wooden toys that offer the best quality and potential learning opportunities. We believe in offering eco-friendly alternatives to plastic toys, that are designed and made to last for generations.