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Seasonal Ideas

Take a look at the world around you. What do you see right now? This is Seasonal Ideas, a range to show you our tops picks based on seasonality and celebrated holidays.

It’s definitely time to get outside, whether you choose to go for a walk or tackle those gardening jobs. We have the perfect wooden toys to encourage and excite little ones to start exploring the world around them.

We have been in our garden, Grace & Emily like to learn the names of all the plants and we take the moment to discuss colours and different types of plants – are they bulbs, are they herbaceous or were they deciduous plants? Can you make your own flower patch?

There are also lots of mini beasts that are around. Take our your magnifier and see which ones you can spot. Can you match them to the right ones in your wooden collection?

There really are learning opportunities to be had in every single thing that we do and by understanding the seasons, it helps us to know what the weather might be like, how should we dress for different types of weather. We can also understand repeating patterns and resources that encourage us to identify the weather each day are part of that.

I’ve also included a few items for helping to celebrate the Queens Jubilee. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to learn about 70 years on the throne. Have you visited the palace and would you now look to try and build it. How did you get about in London? A London Bus or a Black Taxi?

So, take a look, expand your mind and perhaps you just might find that perfect piece of inspiration.

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