Zig & Go 45 piece Marble Run


Zig and Go is a collection of action reaction construction activities imagined by Jean-Rene Menard. Summon up your skill and dexterity to position the parts and create a circuit.

Marble runs are a game of chain reactions. The magic of connecting movements: slow at first, then accelerating until the circuit concludes elegantly. Understanding the ingenuity of a chain reaction by learning how speeds vary depending on the weight of an accessory, and evaluate the distances required between all the parts.

A great introduction to learn STEM concepts such as gravity, force and momentum, and how they create a chain reaction. Ideal for developing perseverance, problem solving and critical thinking.

This set includes 45 wooden building pieces and 5 metal marbles. There is, also, an accompanying instruction booklet.

All Zig & Go sets are compatable, so you could even combine sets to see how big a run you can make!

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