Weather Wheel


Whats happening with the weather today?

Use this beautifully crafted weather chart as great educational resource to teach your little one about the weather. It can be used every day by turning the beautiful wooden wheel, but watch out if the weather changes because the wheel will need turning again.

There is an importance to understanding the weather, because it can help to show that some events in nature have a repeating pattern. For example, the weather determines the distribution of water and all living organisms require liquid water to survive.

Secondly, it can help us to decide what type of clothes we need to wear. Do you need a hat today, or be safe and wear suntan cream? These are all important factors in basic human survival.

Check out the matching lifecycle of a butterfly, which can be affected by seasonality and the weather.

Brand : Oyuncak House

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Product Size

20.5cm x 18cm x 3.5cm



Number of Pieces


Made From

Wheel – Walnut
Base – Linden


Wipe clean with a dry cloth