Braiding Practice Board

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Montessori wooden braiding boards are a great educational toys. Children can learn how to braid, it promotes co-ordination and improves fine motor skills.
Learning how to braid is a practical life skill which adheres to the Montessori principles of beauty, simplicity and realism. The Montessori Method of teaching emphasis active learning, independence and learning in harmony with each child’s unique pace.
The braiding board engages tactile and visual sensory skills and because it enhances the fine motor skills it strengthens the fingers in readiness for writing and encourages dexterity.
Additionally, the physical sorting of the different coloured cords engages children on a physical level so encourages hand-eye co-ordination and brain development.
Children will return to this activity over and over because of the sense of achievement and satisfaction that they get from completing the braid successfully.

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