How Many Acorns


Where did the squirrel hide his nuts? Can you find them all?

Teach your little one to count to 10 with this gorgeous squirrel and acorn counting game. 10 wooden, numbered acorns and a fun base board to match the colours and corresponding dots.

Great for learning to count using current school teaching methods, reinforcing colour recognition and motor skills. Not only can you match the dots to the numbers, but also the colours. Try talking about the numbers whilst playing, putting the acorns in numerical order or talking about seasons when acorns grow. What do squirrels do with the acorns and why.

This set includes an acorn shaped base board and 10 differently coloured acorns, with a red squirrel trying to catch the acorns as they fall.

Brand : Tender Leaf Toys

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20.8cm x 25cm x 1.8cm

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20.8cm x 25cm x 1.8cm



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Sustainable rubberwood and responsibly sourced plywood, coloured with soft non-toxic colours for a contemporary style


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