City Building Blocks


We built this city, we built this city……….

A jigsaw mat with all the pieces you need to build your own city. It has a hospital, a bank and houses amongst many other pieces. There are police cars, ambulances, a bus and a fire engine. You even get street lights, traffic lights and trees.

We love this set for it’s pure ability to inspire imaginations and teach practical life skills, such as recognising emergency services, transport types and road etiquette.

Within the instruction booklet there’s also pictures to show how to make different things from the blocks, such as flowers, a robot or a rocket.

This set includes jigsaw pieces that make the base/foundation of the city, 102 blocks, 7 vehicles, 6 trees and a clearway sign. There is also the jigsaw pieces for the mat, a bag to put all the pieces in and an instruction booklet.

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