We have a wide range of products from Robotime, perfect for different ages and skill ranges.

Rolife, is a sub-brand and provides many creative items that are easy to assemble and therapeutic for stress, including DIY Miniature Dollhouses, DIY Music Boxes, Flower Pots and Modern 3D Wooden Puzzles. It takes DIY as a lifestyle, and hopes to bring the fun of DIY to life to put a smile on everyone's face and make it an important part of life.

Rokr, another sub-brand, focuses on designing, manufacturing and selling Wooden Puzzles and educational toys for all age ranges. It integrates the beauty of machinery and scientific exploration to meet the eager-to-learn spirit of the intellectual enthusiasts who advocate science and technology, creativity and freedom.

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Robotime DIY Puzzles UK

Introducing the DIY of dreams. Made for hands-on, creative-minded people, Robotime’s Rolife is the leading brand for detailed DIY miniature wooden dolls houses, 3D puzzles and wooden models.  

Adults can take the lead with these wooden toys to bring peace and harmony to a busy day. Flow state is associated with happiness, emotional regulation and motivation, making DIY modelling kits a no-brainer for your new hobby. 

Each detailed kit results in a majestic and sustainable wooden model you can be proud of. 

With 3D puzzles like the wooden marble run climber, you can marvel at the efforts of human engineering while playing your own game on a marble run you built yourself. Or, if you want to create your own home decor, put together a charming wooden merry-go-round fit for any child’s bedroom. 

There’s nothing more satisfying than making something with your own hands. Assembling our range of doll-sized bakery shops, flower shops and ice cream station models is a sweet way to spend an afternoon and add to your collection.

If you’re looking for a thoughtful gift, these wooden puzzles are perfect for any age and occasion. So, choose Rolife for an ultra-unique gift your loved ones will cherish. 

Ready to Relax with Rolife?

It’s the little things that make us happy. Hobbies that pass the time while relaxing the body and mind are an easy way to find peace. Plus, you get to experience the ultimate sense of achievement by building your own world of DIY models. So, take a break today and assemble a beautiful handcrafted 3D model you can keep forever. Shop our full range of Robolife model kits here.

Best Selling Robolife Products

  • 3D Wooden Classical Gramophone – This isn’t just an inanimate model – it’s a real gramophone! Robotime’s vintage record player comes with a vinyl containing 3 songs, but you can play your own records too. 
  • Classical Grand Prix Car 3D Puzzle – A fun fusion for classic car and DIY lovers. With no glue needed, you can assemble this model in a clean, fuss-free way. The perfect project for parent and child to bond and learn new skills. 
  • Large Wooden Globe – The classic globe is the perfect addition to any home. A popular craft kit for adults and children, you can enjoy the challenge of assembling while learning about new countries. 


What ages are Robotime products suitable for?

Due to small parts and components, Robotime 3D puzzles shouldn’t be left with children under 3 years old. While these wooden model kits are complex, children of all ages can easily assemble them with the help of a parent. With that being said, most Robotime customers are adults looking for a relaxing and satisfying hobby. 

What materials are Robotime’s 3D puzzles made from?

Robotime and Rolife products are made from high-quality plywood with a solid, durable texture. 

How do I store my Robolife 3D model?

Once you’ve completed your wooden 3D puzzle, you can keep it anywhere. Just make sure to keep it dry and indoors to ensure it lasts. 

Are Rolife products educational?

Yes. DIY promotes critical thinking and problem-solving. These skills give developing children the experience to strengthen their intellect. Not only that, but children will learn patience and motor skills from assembling small parts.