Pip-Pip Play

Pip-Pip Play is a family run business located in County Antrim, Northern Ireland. Steve and Annie's inspiration and business name comes from their four-year-old daughter who decided to start calling herself Pip-Pip one day. This was after she read a story about a little penguin that came to discover amazing things because he chose to be brave. She adopted this penguin's attitude, started applying it in her life and was amazed! She began to encounter and embrace things she was previously missing out on.

The realisation came that they should focus on and manufacture toys that enable little ones to become braver, stronger, more agile, more determined, and will therefore develop further through a broader range of experiences!

Their hand-crafted activity toys are thoughtfully designed and lovingly made into beautiful, functional pieces. There is real confidence that playing with these products will aid little ones in their development.

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